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Scanning Services

Scitex EverSmart Pro
35mm film: 8200 dpi
2.25 inch film: 8200 dpi
4 x 5 inch film: 8200 dpi
up to 12 x 17 at 8200 dpi
All scans can be stored onto Syquest 44/88, Syquest 135, Zip disk (100MB), 3.5 inch floppy disk or CD-rom.
Sizes listed are maximum resolution.

Printing Services

Media Size : 9.5 x 14 inches
Media Type: Print or Transparency
Addressability: 2550 x 3600 pixels
Resolution: 300 pixels per inch
Printable Area: 8.5 x 12 inches
Transparencey Area: 8 x 10 inches

All prints are made on a Kodak 8650 PS Dye Sublimation Printer.
Ink Jet prints also avaliable on the Epson Stylus 3000
Sizes up to 16" X 20"
REALLY NEW - Fall 1999
Agfa MSC 200- DPU
Digital Print Unit
Prints on actual Photograhic Paper-" The Wet Process"
Up to 8 X12 at 353 dpi

Film Recording

Input: PowerPoint slides, tif, jpeg, psd, etc.
35 mm film: 7.01 x 10.51 @ 779dpi (up to 8k)
120 mm film: 7.889 x 10.51 @ 779dpi (up to 8k)
4 x5 in film: 7.889 x 10.51 @ 1558dpi (up to 16k)
All film recording is made on a Agfa Alto. Sizes listed are maximum resolution.

Retouching services are also available at an hourly rate.

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